Danielle Beaulieu Watercolour profile pictureDanielle Beaulieu’s love of nature inspires her unique use of colours and interesting lines in landscapes, florals and antique items.  For many years prior to painting, she was designing with colours, texture and lines with plants in her gardens. These initial explorations provided her with years of practical experience applying many of the same theories to paintings, e.g., lost edges, complementary colours, etc.

The flexibility and flow of luminous transparent watercolour is exciting for Danielle. She enjoys seeing the paint create its own unexpected surprises. She paints intuitively and deliberately from her studio in Cumberland. She is an active member of a number of local art associations. She also authors two blogs. The first blog for those who are interested in seeing her new paintings.                             The second blog is about various aspects of watercolours.

Enjoy the gallery of photos of the paintings!